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Atlanta Booting Services

Empire Parking Services is the premier booting company for Atlanta, Georgia. EPS was founded in 2004 and is now responsible for enforcing parking regulations through booting at over 100 properties. Empire Parking has achieved their growth in the booting industry through referrals of existing clients, commitment to obligations, excellent customer service, and extensive technician training. EPS is the leader in the booting industry through innovative technology, online reporting, GPS tracking software, systematic auditing procedures, and video/audio recording. Empire Parking Services makes it a priority to prevent your establishment from losing income due to illegally parked cars while maintaining an unbeatable level of customer service.

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Corporate Contact Information

Empire Parking Services
Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: (404) 605-9242

Free Service

Our Atlanta booting services, along with our signage and equipment are free to your organization.

Save Money

Empire Parking helps your organization eliminate expenses in association with internal auditing, ticket tracking, collecting violation fees, parking lot cleaning, and security patrols.

Prevent Theft

Eliminate parking violators from occupying your paying customer’s spaces through booting unauthorized vehicles.

Benefits of Booting for Parking Management Companies

Benefits of Booting for Parking Management CompaniesEmpire Parking provides a free booting solution for your organization to increase earning and reduce costs. Through extensive and systematic auditing procedures of pay parking lots, EPS booting technicians can immobilize customers that do not pay for parking, switch tickets, go in and out on the same ticket, or go over their time that they have purchased. Potential parking violators will notice a booted vehicle and realize that parking regulations are being enforced through booting. Empire Parking has dramatically reduced lost income and eliminated internal auditing/ticketing expenses for parking management companies through booting. EPS can also reduce costs for parking management companies by paying for automated payment machines and parking lot cleaning and striping in addition to the booting process.

Benefits of Booting for Retail Shopping Centers

Benefits of Booting for Retail Shopping CentersIn retail centers with a minimal amount of parking spaces, shopping centers may experience misuse of their parking area from customers visiting neighboring properties. Through visual surveillance and video documentation, Empire Parking’s technicians will monitor and enforce your parking area for people parking and leaving your property. Once a vehicle is booted, the boot acts as a visual for future violators and allows for valuable parking spaces for future customers of your tenants to be available. EPS can help your property by creating a custom booting plan that addresses your property’s needs and eliminates your tenants from losing income to illegal parkers.

Benefits of Booting for Municipalities

Benefits of Booting for MunicipalitiesEmpire Parking has the resources and technology to enforce parking regulations for any municipality through booting. EPS works with municipalities as well as parking management companies to help streamline and expedite the collection of unpaid parking citations.

Added Security – Even though we are not a security company, we can assist in monitoring your parking area in order to prevent and/or report any potential problems.

Benefits of Booting for Residential Parking

Benefits of Booting for Residential ParkingEmpire Parking can enforce your parking regulations within your residential or visitor parking areas, including permit parking, reserved parking, guest parking, fire lane regulations, and handicap parking. EPS will perform a complimentary booting site analysis and customize a booting plan specific to your property.

Benefits of Booting HOA Recovery

Empire Parking can help with recovering delinquent homeowners association dues through booting past due vehicles. EPS is notified by your organization of the particular car that needs to be booted. The vehicle is booted and not released until notified by the homeowners association that the owner of the vehicle has become up to date with their dues. This is a tool for homeowner associations to use in order to collect past due HOA fees in a timely manner.

The Booting Process

A vehicle immobilization device used to enforce parking, also known as a “boot”, is a wheel clamp that can be easily applied and removed only by an Empire Parking technician. When a technician applies a “boot”, he also applies an orange sticker on the driver side window of the car to inform the car’s owner that it has been booted.

The EPS 24 hour call center number is located on the orange sticker. When the parking violator calls the number, the service operator will contact a technician. The technician will then come to the location and remove the boot for a fee. EPS accepts cash and also has hand held credit card machines for ease of payment. Once the boot has been removed, the violator leaves the premises.

Trained Staff

All of EPS’s technicians receive extensive training in passive dispute resolution, systematic auditing procedures, surveillance techniques, customer service, and safety.

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Technologically Advanced Booting

Every Empire Parking technician is provided with a personal digital assistant, or PDA, which they use to document vehicle information, location, and violations. Once the technician submits the information, the date, time, and GPS coordinates are recorded. All booted vehicles are recorded.

Customized Booting Reporting

Empire Parking has the ability to customize booting reports for a client’s particular booting needs. These reports help clients in reducing overhead, developing competitive rate analysis, and future strategic planning.

Available Around the Clock

Empire Parking’s management team is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. EPS has a 24 hour live operator booting response center to manage customer phone calls and dispatch booting technicians to a customer’s location.